By this towne lieth an average large means of Fez so you’re able to Tedle

By this towne lieth an average large means of Fez so you’re able to Tedle

Howbeit in the certaine towns and cities this new walles is actually yet , remaining, and you can diuers systems and temples updates without roofes

Their old towne standeth toward a good plaine neere vnto certaine baths, getting distant southward out-of Mecnase fifteene miles, westard out-of Fez thirtie, and you can regarding Atlas in the ten miles. The fresh new fielde associated with the towne was owned from the certaine Arabians, and the towne it selfe vtterly destroied from the war regarding Sahid. 30 Of the tozune entitled Cannis Metgara.

Instead of this towne for two miles together have been really pleasant and you will fruitfull landscapes : but because of the cruell warre away from Sahid the is actually laide spend ; in addition to place it selfe remained void of population an hundred and you may twenty yeeres

His towne are depending from the certaine Africans in the area of Zuaga nearly fifteene miles westward out of Fez. Howbeit whenever an element of the people of Granada appeared ouer into Africa, this region grew to become inhabited anew. And you may whereas brand new Granatines are great merchants from silke, they caused, towards breeding regarding silkewormes, great store out of white mulberrie trees becoming lead hither. Right here additionally they grown wealth out of sugar-canes, and that do just fine not too well within this lay as in new prouince of Andaluzia. In times past brand new society on the set had been very ciuill people, but in all of our day it haue maybe not beene therefore, by reason why them do so husbandrie.30

Of towne out of Banibasil. His towne try mainly based of the Africans vpon an effective certaine brief riuer iust on the middle way betweene Mecnase and Fez, getting faraway off Fez on the eighteene miles westward. Out of their areas of many riuers grab the

originall, which fieldes is actually of the Arabians sowen most of the ouer having barlie and you can hempe: neither in reality often brand new soile yeeld all other commoditie, each other of the need of barrennes and that it is actually for the absolute most part ouerflowed having liquid. Whatsoeuer commoditie ariseth from this place redoundeth toward priestes of the principall Mahumetan forehead during the Fez, also it amounteth almost yeerely in order to twenty thousand duckats. Right here together with in times past was in fact most large, charming, and fruitfull landscapes, as the appeereth by the monuments and you may reliques thereof, howbeit these were, like other locations, laide waste by the war off Sahid. The newest towne they selfe remained destitute out-of inhabitants an enthusiastic hundred and you will ten yeeres ; however, just like the king of Fez came back family away from Duccala, the guy commanded section of his men and women to inhabite an equivalent: albeit its inciuilitie made her or him loth thus so you can doe.32 Out of Fez the newest principall citie of all of the Barbarie, and of the fresh creators tliereof.

Ez is actually made in the full time of just one Aron an excellent Mahumetan patriarke, in the yeere of the Hegeira 185. as well as in the new yeere of our own Lord 786. by a good certaine heretike up against the faith out of Mahumet. However, as to the reasons it has to therefore be entitled some are off advice, because when the first foundations thereof was indeed digged, there is certainly located certain quantitie off golde, and therefore mettall on Arabian language is called Fez. And this etymologie seemeth to me not improbable, albeit specific carry out haue they so-called off good certaine riuer of that term.33 However, howsoeuer it is, i leaue you to to get chatted about by the anyone else, affirming to possess a keen vndoubted information, that inventor associated with citie was you to definitely Idris, as being the foresaid idris thefirstA ron his neere kinsman. It Idris need rather so you’re able to haue oun trof 1 Leo was

remember that We noticed diuers stately sites curiously depending Persia. vnder certaine galleries, however, extremely darke, with the intention that (during my iudgement) it become much inferiour vnto brand new sites away from Fez. 2nd the newest apothecaries are certaine artificers which make combes regarding boxe and other wood. Eastward of your apothecaries stay this new needle-suppliers, having for the level of fiftie shop. Up coming realize people who turne iuorie, and you can such as almost every other number, just who (because their craft try practised of the various other artizans) is however, quite few. Vnto the newest

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